Treatments for dengue: a Global Dengue Alliance to address unmet needs

By The Dengue Alliance. The Lancet Global Health 2023. doi:

Summary: Half of the world’s population is currently at risk of becoming infected with dengue. An integrated approach, comprising vector control, vaccines, and treatment, is needed to face this growing challenge. However, finding a treatment for dengue has not been prioritised. DNDi recently formed a Global Dengue Alliance with several institutions in dengue-endemic countries, which aims to deliver a new treatment for dengue from repurposed drugs and combinations, within 5 years. Aggregating resources from endemic countries, and ensuring engagement, scientific leadership, clinical guidance, and political interest in these countries is a major step forward. Challenges include alignment of many partners and stakeholders, filling knowledge gaps, leveraging information from different geographies and epidemiological settings, and funding. 

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